Getting back to her roots…

I was recently approached by one of the folks from my LGS and invited to a (3.5) D&D campaign that would be starting in a few months. The group is currently playing another system (World of Darkness) and I was invited to sit in on the end of that but I detest vampires, sparkly or no. Nevertheless they are role and not ‘roll’ players so I’ll be giving them a shot.

Enter the dilemma! What should I play? I have been running D&D games for so long, that I wasn’t even sure any more. I’ve played a lot of characters in ancient history, and made plenty more as NPCs, but haven’t had one of my very own to hug and squeeze and .. yeah you get the idea.

Well from my last few campaigns, I had one that I enjoyed immensely from the DM standpoint, and my players seemed to love as much, if not more. It was the adventures of a brash and angry dwarf pirate captain ¬†and his merry band of miscreants. They tore up and down the Forgotten Realms’ Sword coast, making waves (in both senses of the word) and never giving half a care. Thanks to the Stormwrack suppliment, the Captain was the only crewmember who wasn’t a water breather.

So from that, I decided I wanted to play a sea elf druid or cleric. I thought it would be a great challenge finding water for her to return to every so often so she didn’t suffocate.I used my other players’ (I had 2 in my prior game) experience and roleplay as a basis for my own character. I fleshed out a quick character history of a devout from the deep who was exploring the surface world and looking to spread the holy word to the air breathers.

Sadly my DM said no to water breathing elves, so back to the drawing board I went.

And I was going to have a singing lobster for an animal companion too!!