Fun With Tyranids: Teleporting Tervigons

I would like to preface this with any psyker MC can do this, but my first use of this was when I was playing with Tervigons.  Just imagine, those big mother f****ers teleporting around and spawning little dudes.  It is quite a sight to behold, and while I didn’t win that tournament, everyone who played against me got a laugh out of my MC’s teleporting all over the place.

So here we go


So, there is a certain Telekinesis power called Gate of Infinity, and the wording on the power is as follows.

“Gate of Inifinity is a blessing that targets the psyker and his unit.  Place a counter in base contact with a model in the target unit.  Remove the target unit from the board.  It then (more…)

Tired of being a Healer Girlfriend?

endangered_healer_girlfriendA lot of girls become involved in gaming as the gamer’s girlfriend. I cannot tell you how many “girlfriend healer”s I met while I was LARPing. Show of hands – how many of you girls were inducted as a girlfriend?

I came into it gradually, DnD with a cousin at an early age, then later in high school, comics, then painting figures, then being invited to the gaming club and I found miniature gaming that way. However the DnD thing, I did get invited by a guy in my science class totally out of the blue. (more…)

War doll potpourri!

1. I am currently wearing a pirate costume.

2. My Iron kingdoms rp group runs tonight, and thanks to time constraints I’ll have to wear my costume to Giga-bytes.

3. First post on the new WordPress site!