Tested my List

So that list I posted a while back here on the War Dolls, for the vassal tournament, well I finally got to test it today whilst out and about with my friend Jenn.  She and I went out to Post Falls to Gamers Haven to play some 40k, and I used a lot of her nids to supplement the models I didn’t myself own.  She played her Chaos Space Marines, and I played my list below, and I have to say the bloody thing was effective at killing her off.  My only gripe is that it is not good for kill-point games, mainly because I am pooping out free points via my tervigons.  With how much of her army I killed though I was able to still win by two killpoints, but I would have had her even more handedly if I did not use the tervigon on that list.  Regardless all those termagants really tied up many of her units and allowed me free reign with my big guys to mess her world up and destroy all her vehicles.

Would I still use my tervigons in my list even in games I know will be kill points, you bet your sweet hiney.  Why would I do that you ask?  Simple, while they were busy killing off hoards of my little guys for one kill point per unit, which in some cases took two turns to do, those Marines weren’t shooting at my monstrous creatures with their meltas and their plasma guns.  This allowed my monstrous creatures to pretty much just go wherever they wanted and kill plenty of guys, it was rather effective.  I may have won by two and not by more, but to be honest a two kill point win is still fairly impressive, especially considering three of those kill points were from killing models that did not cost me any points.

-thumbs up-

Overall it was tons of fun and I learned a whole lot about playing 40k that I was still unsure about and needed some help with, and Jenn while a tough teacher was an effective one.  She was fair though and pointed things out that I was forgetting, reminding me little things here and there, and while I still need to work on my charts for what I need to wound and hit, I did fairly well.  Was a fun day overall, and especially since the prior two days were so stressful for me, I really needed to get out of the house and have some fun.

So thank you Jenn, and everyone else who has helped me along the way to learn 40k.  I give my greatest thanks to Cami and Jenn, you two have had the greatest influence on my learning, and I cannot thank you enough.  I had lots of fun and you guys all rock.