[tabletop] – Exercise in Game Theory – Part 2

In my previous post, I was trying to break down tabletop skirmish combat into a few distinct styles. After some feedback from that post and from the lovely people over on the DakkaDakka forums (fairly certain not a one of them read the original post),  I’ve come up with a little something that I feel will work. I’ve stuck with the Attack vs. Defense types, but with a smidge of luck/fate involved.

And it will continue to evolve, I’m sure.


D&D Sky Pirates 0 – Starting Up at the Mall

Our FLGS currently has more players than it can find DM’s for, and with a few of them having kids or being called away for work issues, my husband decided to offer his help. So he’s taking over one of the tables, and I am running a character in his game.


Coterie of the Last Breath Corsairs

As I think I have said before, I have been working on making a force of Corsairs using Dark Eldar models. With GW’s decision that Corsairs will not be included in Ynnari, I decided to model everything in a way that could see them fielded as either Dark Eldar or Corsairs depending on what rules set I wanted to go with. (My FLGS loathes Forgeworld stuff, so having models based on only being Corsairs is not a good idea.) It was a little bit of mental gynmastics, but it worked out pretty well. The one unintended side-effect this has brought about, of course, is my new fascination with Dark Eldar.