The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin

In an effort to, you know, actually have gaming on here, allow me to present an idea we have wanted to do since before this blog went live.  This is The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin Warhammer 40k Vassal Tournament.  Or the WD1750RRW4DKVT.  I think I’m just gonna call it The Cat Fight.  We here at War Dolls have always valued the ability to smash our friends into tiny pulpy pieces and then eat their shattered remains to gain their power.  It’s a natural evolution of the War Dolls ideals of furthering the cause of female gamers through a unified front.  Or were we just having fun?  I forget.  The important thing to remember here is that I am going to win and the rest of you chicks can suck my Orks.

The basic idea is simple.  All the Dolls who Play the K are going to shoot, chop, smash and flame the living hell out of each other until one person proves to be the baddest of all asses.  To this one person goes the esteemed title of WARBOSS WARDOLL (Or Chapter Master, if you’re a sucka).  This tournament will probably take a little bit since one of our members is injured and another is indisposed, but the fight will rage on!  FOR JUSTICE AND GLORY!  The following table is available to gamblers and other Nevada residents.

Mistress of Minis (Team Jacob) 3:1
Katie Drake (Compensating With Chainswords Marines) 2:1
Farseer Ellorah (Space Fairies) 5:1
Commissar Carrie (Da Orks) 10:1
Emerald Rose Widow (Raid Bait) 6:1
Disclaimer: The Preceding Odds are non-scientific and written by someone with several shots of whiskey in her.  For actual odds see your nearest bookie.

Introducing ones self

Well.. since i see other doing it, i should to. I go by Seraph/Sera/Gwen chose one and i shall respond. Ether way, i was recruted ( just beoing a goober) by Hurricangirl. We are co-workers. I am a big time gamer geek.. and a girl. I play on a mud known as Legends of krynn, WoW ( yes.. i know), MTG, D&D and Marvel, and anything else geeky i can do.

I am married to a wonderful man ( who is also a geek but no.. he is not the one who got me into gaming) and i have a 4 year old little girl, two turtles (leonardo and donitello) i have a littler of kittens (6) and one mama cat. I really can not think of anything else to say though.. <_< so BYE!

The Commissar

Hello, look, another getting to know you post.  Hi!

I’m Commissar Carrie, and I am the resident umm, I dunno, fluff mistress?  I’ve been called that before, so I guess it fits.  I guess everyone wants to know about everyone, so here we go.  I’m 26, I live in Reno, NV but I’m from Texas.  I have an accent and a cowboy hat and I’m not super duper experienced with this whole gaming thing, as such.  At least not war gaming.

I started my very first gaming experience ever with Mage: the Ascension about a decade ago and have been playing RPGs ever since.  I started Warhammer 40k right at the dawn of fifth edition, so I am totally new hat.  I always kind of liked the setting though, even if I kinda think Space Marines are lame.  I play Orks and Sisters of Battle, neither one particularly well.  I play to win, but really enjoy losing most of the time.  My major contributions here are likely to be fiction pieces since I am about as far from the competitive side of things as it gets.  I play armies I have fun with rather than ones designed to win, and I’m notorious for taking tons of pleasure when the scatter dice kill off scores of my own troops.  Definitely not tournament level play here.

More about me, hmm…  I feel like this is one of those Playboy interview things.  Turn Ons: Heavy Flamers, David Tennant, Space Ships, Totalitarianism.  Turn Offs: Psycannons, Chris Eccleston, Bicycles, Heresy.  I like long walks in the desert, post-apocalypse, tiramisu and comitting genocide against those who oppose the church.

Thanks for reading!

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

The title pretty much says it all. I’m a friend of HurricaneGirl’s and a srs gamer. A girl gamer at that! I started on D&D waaaaay back with Keep on the Borderlands, then went on to Champions and the rest of glorious geekery.

I’m married with two kids, three cats, three PCs, four iPods and three iTouches in the house. (I built my own PC!). Gaming is my primary hobby and has been for years. Currently I’m playing Rift and some EQ2, Farmville (because somehow I cannot escape), League of Legends and Evony. Sporadically I play the Sims2, Dungeon Keeper 2 for old times’ sake, StarCraft 2.. really lots of things. I also take part in online RP in various formats and forums.

In no particular order, some of my interests/favorites are: The Lord of the Rings (ask about my tattoo!), cats, cooking, J.D. Robb, Charlaine Harris books, Kim Harrison, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, the original World of Darkness, Marvel when they don’t suck, Marvel Super Heroes, Champions, vampires, fantasy, Evony, David Eddings, classic literature, sushi, Top Chef, Project Runway (my guilty pleasure), Dethklok, Johnny Cash, so much other music I can’t possibly list, Terry Brooks, Robert. B. Parker, roleplaying in general, LARP, Big Trouble in Little China, Ladyhawke, Labryinth, Tombstone, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Young Frankenstein, Dead Again, Harry Potter et al, Bleach, Naruto.. you guys get the idea. I are girl gamer, hear me pwn newbs in the face. ^_^

I’d like to hear from the rest of ya’ll!