We (CommissarCarrie, KatieDrake, MistressofMinis and I) are embarking on a project to try and knit girls who game a bit closer together. We’d like to give new girls (and old veterans) a place where they can find like minded people and get a more positive influence and feeling about gaming. This project will need people to make it go, but I feel that we have some great ideas already and some good people to keep it going. If we can inspire one person out there then our mission is accomplished. (if we have fun doing this, our mission is accomplished too! )
We are certainly looking for contributors and guests and ideas and anything to make it fun. This is not at all a blog for strictly one genre, we are looking from viewpoints from all games and all levels of experience.
Part one, the chatbox, is done and over there —–>

If you are a girl gamer and are interested (and we hope you are), or have ideas please feel free to drop in and chat, comment or send an email to Elorrah@theWarDolls.com !

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