All posts for the month July, 2013 So, moving into my new house was incredibly awesomely exciting and all, but the downside was that I was completely without Internet and cable TV for TWO WEEKS.

Order Valium Online We managed to get a computer set up in the living room, and after a late-night trip to Wal-mart for some speakers (I should make another First World Problems… “My expensive gaming headset only allows one person to hear anything”) we were able to pass the time by watching one of my very favorite TV shows — Star Trek: Voyager. And let me say here and now, if I ever have a daughter, one day when she’s old enough we will sit down together and watch that series from start to finish, because those are some of the strongest female characters and the most gender-equal setting I’ve ever seen in Sci-fi or fantasy. My own writing included.

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Buy Cheap Alprazolam There are a couple of events coming along here. The first is today. You should already be there…

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see Kiageddon began as a birthday bash but has blossomed into a full scale throwdown between the boys and girls of Gigabites cafe. There are lots of events planned. There will be a report here later, no doubt!

see If you are a fellow Atlantian, hurry down to Gigabites so that you can get involved now!!

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Buy Diazepam Uk Reviews I know guys, I am doing a lot of posts about pathfinder/dnd/rp games lately, but really that has been the bulk of my entertainment of late.  Well upon reminiscing about my prior games I have played, I am reminded of many of the characters I have played out and the ones I am particularly fond of.  So I thought today I would talk about my characters that I have played, specifically the ones I loved the most, and give a basic idea of their personality and the like.  I will start with a character I lovingly call “The Good Doctor” and then we shall go from there. Continue Reading