All posts for the month March, 2014 Taurox2The new Imperial Guard codex(es) is right around the corner and with it some new sculpts and entirely new models. One of these is the Taurox and at first it was a bit repulsive to me, looking more orky than Imperial. But along came better leaked photos, and that gave us a much clearer image of this new interesting vehicle. Now, seeing it better, I’ve decided that it’s not terrible bad, excepting those weird mini-treads, and set out to find some vague idea of what rules will be for it. Continue Reading Minecraft is my guilty pleasure, and I do enjoy multiplayer games. It’s often difficult to find a Minecraft server that has all the elements of a good time. Some of the things I look for are a competent staff and mature other players. Nothing can ruin a good experience like some yahoo running up and randomly setting fire to everything because he or she feels like that’s a good time.   Continue Reading