All posts for the month April, 2017 GW recently released this new Boxed Game called Shadow War: Armageddon, and although they really underestimated how popular this game would be – and thus how quickly it would sell out – my husband and I managed to nab a copy from our FLGS. Continue Reading To finish this whole thing up, let’s take a look at some of the new rules for our Eldar – I mean  go to site Aeldari (rolls eyes) – models.

source link Since I am going to talk about rules again, here is the link to the Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan Errata/FAQ. Hopefully GW will come to their senses and put this with the rest of their errata on their store website soon.

source site Anyway, I am going to jump right in here.

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go I have always been a fan of Ogryn, but when I was collecting Imperial Guard as a tertiary army (Eldar/Tyranids, Sisters were ahead of them) the individual Ogryn blister was pretty much cost prohibitive. Trading for them, as I was doing to obtain most of my Guard army, was virtually impossible as so few people had them or were willing to let them go. I believe that most other people were of the same opinion – that they were just too expensive for their relative usefulness. Continue Reading
Time to take a look at the new Faction that got added into 40k recently. Continue Reading