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see So rumour has it that in March we are getting a few new fliers, and I am really looking forward to this as my army seems to be getting one.  So here is the list:


source link Tau: Some new thing for them, meant as an anti-flier I have heard

Buy Xanax Xr Online Dark Eldar: Buy Teva Valium All rumours point to the voidraven


source Eldar: Buy Diazepam Uk Online Something totally new, which I am totally excited for. Tyranid: Buy Xanax Uk Cheap There are two schools of though on this one. 1) There is only going to be a single model kit, the Harpy 2) There is going to be a dual kit, the harpy, and something else that will be antiflier.

see url There is also a lot of hope that the harpy will get a rules update so it doesn’t suck so hard.  To be honest, even if the rules didn’t change and I was stuck with the sucky harpy, dont care.  I want that kit, its a unit I have wanted to have a model for and play around with it for fun.  So I am super hoping it will be a dual kit, but I will be happy either way.  Also will be cool to get my brother a flier for his eldar, which are starting to look really good.  Red Dire Avengers, who knew?

source site -ERW

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