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Buy Cheap Xanax From India The Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum have been my ‘back burner’ army for a very, very long time. When ProdigalSon and I first started 40k we had a dream of a joint Guard army but sadly with moves, school and life in general, it never coalesced. Being a creature of immense sentimentality, I kept collecting guardsmen here and there over the years and when I found myself with a Sisters army back when they could have conscripted guard, I switched to hoard mode. By the time I realized what I was doing I had three full platoons. One of the local gang moved away and offered to sell me all his armor and a paycheck later I was the owner of a huge Guard force. Continue Reading

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Buy Diazepam Online Cheap Uk On their journey south, the Dracholt party discovers some contraband, and some conflict arises.


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go to site In her quest to add some points to the Fate of Konor campaign via painting, Red decided to put together three Harlequin Death Jesters.

go Although I am a little disappointed that it did not occur to me to put the subdivided mask on both of the newer Death Jesters, I am pretty pleased with how they all turned out. They all look relatively similar, beside the one old Death Jester model, and none of them took very long to paint.

Cheap Valium From China After finding the seals abandoned shortly outside the Blackshire caverns, the party begins its trek back toward Dracholt.

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see Red played through yet another Fate of Konor scenario at her FLGS.

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