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What does it mean to be a War Doll?

Aside from the awesome prestige that comes along with telling people you’re a War Doll, by becoming a War Doll you are helping to make the world a better place!

The War Dolls exist to provide a space for women and enby geeks of all flavors, be it video games, TTRPGs, miniature games, board games, cosplayers (the list goes on) to be able to connect with their peers without the sort of influence that can make people feel unwelcome. Whether you want to learn a new technique in your chosen hobby, discuss a fandom you are into or try out a new hobby, we have you covered (or will find someone to help). We promote love and acceptance for everyone, because we’re all doing our geeky thing for fun!

Want to know more? Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Discord or send us an email at Most of our content is behind our social walls, but we are working on overhauling our website here!