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Buy Xanax In Bulk I’m sure most Warhammer 40K/Fantasy players are well aware of the serious quality issues with Finecast models, so I will not be beating that particular dead horse today. Instead my intention is to focus on chain of events in my recent Finecast customer service foray since it is well documented.

follow url It all started about two months ago with a Dark Angels Company Master model in Finecast, I never thought to actually look through the bubble at the model before buying it as I’m relatively new to the hobby and hadn’t been indoctrinated in the “Finecrap” legacy. Once I got home and flipped the package over, knife in hand, I noticed with absolute horror that the company master was nearly sheared/smeared in half. It was like one half of the mold twisted while the resin was still pliable. I do wish I’d taken a picture of that, it was rather comical looking. Continue Reading There are a lot of events planned for the near future at the LGS – Giga-Bites Cafe. If you are local we encourage you to come out and see us or the event or both! There are plenty of things to do, for any type of gamer!  Continue Reading So, one day the boyfriend and I pop over to a friend’s house for a game day.  We get immediately thrown into this wacky looking game called “Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre.”  Now, even as a fairly avid board gamer I get a little intimidated when I haven’t had time to process or think about the game ahead of me, but that didn’t happen here.  Why?  BECAUSE THIS GAME JUST LOOKS AWESOME!  Yeah, seriously.  The artwork, done by artist Nick Edwards, is VERY Adventure Time and the game play is easy.

Buy Valium Roche Online Uk see GAME PLAY Game play is easy.  Each player chooses a wizard, which has no affect on the game, it’s just for flavor.  Players are then randomly dealt eight spell cards.  They play a spell and when the round is over they draw back up to eight cards unless they have obtained a card that says they draw more. Continue Reading

source Hey ladies, and possibly gents!  I’m new to this blog and wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself.  The name is Amber and I’ll be writing about board games!  Mostly reviews, but there may be other little tidbits I throw in here and there.  So, a little about me…

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see I just turned 32 (literally JUST…as in today!).  I live in Marietta with my awesome boyfriend and no kids or pets, which makes life pretty easy.  I’ve always enjoyed board games, but it only recently became a big hobby, causing me to start my own Meetup for girls to get together and play games together (as it tends to be a male dominated activity in my experience). I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most things Joss Whedon, Halloween, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, stabby video games, space, aliens, vampires, zombies, Batman, half finished craft projects (although I’d probably LOVE completed ones more), Dexter, Chuck, Freddy Krueger, dinosaurs, robots, sharks, and completely ridiculous things.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg All that being said, I should have my first game review up in the next few days (it’s been a busy week and on top of my birthday and my mom’s, the boy and I have been house shopping).  I hope you’ll stop by and check it out because the game I’m reviewing is awesome, ridiculous, and actually SUPER simple.  It’s a fantastic starter game, that would be great for small parties, and anyone that has a sense of humor.