All posts for the month May, 2017 My husband took over running the monthly 40k tournaments at our store, so I got to both play and help him get everything organized.

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enter site I was sick during this session and did not play, and on top of that, my husband had lost his voice since we had gone to a concert (Sabaton and Battle Beast) the night before. So, our back-up DM took over to run more of the dungeon we had started the previous session. We advised him to bring his paladin along since the dungeon is designed to be rather difficult and without Del, Balthasar might have ended up as the only tank if we had a similarly low turn-out – which is exactly what happened. Continue Reading

follow link I took another step in my Corsairs project, and it turns out my original idea for the basing did not really work out either.

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Buy Yellow Xanax Online Continue Reading For our second “Sky Pirates” D&D session at the mall, a number of players did not show up, but we got an extra player in the form of a potential new DM that might run another table for the games store in the future.

watch Continue Reading For those of you that have not seen Warhammer Community’s posts going up, I wanted to take a look at the new “Faction Focus” article that just recently went up for Craftworld Eldar. Continue Reading