All posts for the month November, 2013 Today I’m going to review a game that’s been around for a while, yet surprisingly few people I know have played it – Betrayal at House on the Hill.  This is one of the first “non-traditional” games I played.  The group I played with back then was kind of diverse, but everyone loved this game and the fact that it was constantly different.  This game was also one of the first things my boyfriend and I bonded over (it’s his favorite game and definitely one of my top picks and he was thrilled to meet someone else that had actually heard of it.)  In this game players explore a haunted house, one room tile at a time.  As they venture further into the depths of the house someone becomes a traitor and then the survival countdown begins. Continue Reading It’s surprising how few ‘happy genestealer’ pics there are out there… Rumors are floating about that The Great Devourer is coming in January and yours truly couldn’t be any more excited about it. Why you ask? Or you should be asking… Well I will tell you gentle reader, one of the rumors that you may have heard about is that the bugs are getting a ‘run and assault’ rule. This alone is enough to please me, since I run a Genestealer heavy list, but there is also now a rumor that there will be a Genestealer Cult supplement. This is positively *squeeworthy*!

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