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see url Well the rumors are currently pointing to a Sisters of Battle Codex. Obviously, this Farseer isn’t surprised as I predicted just such an occurrence. 😉 The scary part is that some of the rumours state that it will just be an e-book version of the WD copy. Well I say this is not the case. Expect to see new content and information. I know I do. And if you don’t believe me, There’s this image that seems to be from a White Dwarf. So there! Though I’m excited to see the girls get a book after so terribly, terribly long, I’m also excited that the Tyranids have a book coming too and I am going to be revamping THAT army for finally playing in 6th edition. And repainting. Look for project blogs soon, and likely for both armies. Fortunately I’m quite happy with my Sisters’ look and they are mostly painted. Only Seraphim and Repentia need painting at this point.  

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Buy Diazepam Tablets 10Mg This is a story I wrote as a prologue for an “A Time of War” roleplaying game I just started GMing.  Two of my four players are pretty unfamiliar with the Battletech/MechWarrior setting, so I thought I’d write up something to introduce them to to setting and give a little background on where their regiment stands.

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source link April 5th, 3048

Buy Diazepam Liquid Sgt. Kay O’Bannon, 17th Skye Rangers, Charlie Company Dromini VI, Dieron Military District, Draconis Combine

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see The Commando crashed through the trees at a dead sprint.  Branches and trunks shattered with sharp cracks as the 25 ton war machine rushed through the forest at nearly 100 kilometers per hour.  Inside the Battlemech’s cockpit, Kay was boiling in her own sweat.  Humidity fogged up the screens on her instruments and moisture collected on the inside of her cockpit canopy, dripping down in long, thin rivulets that streaked the armored glass. She’d been pushing the machine to its limits for three hours now, and the fusion engine below the cockpit was straining with excess heat, far more than the  click here Commando’s heat sinks could possibly handle on their own.  A warning light flashed on one of the consoles, and for the fifth time in as many minutes Kay slapped the override for the machine’s automatic safety shutdown.  Down below her, in the torso of the humanoid machine, a half ton of short range missiles cooked in the heat.  At any moment something could give, and the Commando would be ripped apart in a cacophony of explosions as its own ammunition cooked off, the force doubly destructive as it was trapped in the armor plating of the machine.  Kay tried not to think about it. Continue Reading I am often asked “What do you think of the new (Eldar) Codex?” by other players.Eldar_Craftworld_at_war On a whole, I really do like it.

click With the exception of the Banshees, everything seems pretty strong. I’m still trying to see if I can get the girls to co-operate, but with Doom being a random chance now, and their masks no longer ignoring the penalty for charging into terrain, it’s very difficult to promise them that things will work out for them. They’re starting to doubt me.  Continue Reading

go site So another Dragoncon has come and gone, Sadly I didn’t get to explore it quite as much as I wanted to. I’m still fighting off the remnants of pneumonia (ick!) I did get to sneak out of my deathbed long enough to visit on Saturday, but largely because I was running 40K demos for Gigabites Cafe (the LGS I am regularly attending) and the Atlanta GW store.  Continue Reading