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source site I am now in charge of running events and tournaments at the local game store. No one else is motivated enough to do it, so the store owner is allowing me to take it on. The first tournament is a 1000 point 40k Tournament in 2 weeks. I have done a lot of research into tournament types and scoring methods, so I hope it goes well and that people have a good time.


Buy Alprazolam Eu It was my thinking after much research, to eliminate the subjective scoring done by the participants themselves, sportsmanship scores, etc.

go The tournament will be mainly based upon Generalship, wins and losses, as well as mission bonus points.

see There will be additional scoring for painting, since the store owner wants to see more people painting their armies. Assuming a maximum score all around for the person who also paints best, the painting score would account for about 20% of the overall score. I think this is fair.


enter site Has anyone else run a tournament, what do you find works and does not work when it comes to scoring, and mission setups?