Fifth time’s the charm…?

high_elf_queen_by_kcsummerz-d7mu46aI do believe I mentioned that I was waiting eagerly for the D&D Next playtest to complete and for 5th edition to be ‘official’. Well that happened last fall, and around Christmas-time yours truly received her Dungeon Master’s guide finally. 🙂 I waffled back and forth for a long time over Forgotten Realms – easily my favorite pre-designed campaign setting vs. my own home-brew setting “Yevindor”.

I’ve since dug out my very old campaign book from long ago. I was very happy to find that I kept really good records of my old games, notes and history. This finding tipped the scales to running a custom campaign rather than FR. I DO like having everything already designed and at my fingertips, The down side is that inevitiably, one of my players usually winds up knowing more about some of the Realms than I, and I get stumped.

So I’ve been re-reading my old notes, learning about my old setting and revising some of the older and/or fuzzy bits (and some names – “Yevigndor”). I had a really fun and successful campaign back in antiquity and it helped form my world as it will appear soon.

I found the Obsidian Portal website and have set up my own campaign setting site. It’s been fun and an adventure and hopefully will inspire myself and others to have a great time!

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