Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Pt II Review-ish (minor spoiler?)

So I went and saw the final Harry Potter this last weekend and thought it was really great! Granted I haven’t read that book in years, so that may have been the reason I thought it was so good. There were a couple of things of course that didn’t mesh with the book, but I understand in movies, sometimes you just gotta make a change.

It was nice seeing some of the old faces but sadly it was just that. Luna barely had any lines and I don’t think Tonks had any, and I know they had parts in the last half of the book. Wasn’t really thrilled about that, those being two of my more favorite characters.

Still, I had a great time and the movie hit me all over my emotional map. I was laughing and crying all throughout the movie, especially at the end. There is one scene in particular that struck me, and I don’t think it was in the book. I am not sure if they intended it in the film, but it was really poignant.

*possible spoiler below*
The scene is where Snape is dying after being attacked by Nagini, and he’s lying there and Potter comes in. In the film, there’s a moment where Snape looks up into Harry’s eyes and they hold that gaze for a moment. Just watching that scene touched me so deep. I realized that Snape’s final sight as he lay dying was Lily’s eyes. It was just so touching I immediately just burst into tears. I honestly don’t know if that was in the book or not, but I must have missed it if so. I thought it was incredibly well done. It really drove things home for me.

The scenes from Snapes memory of he and Lily were nice and fairly well done. They did leave some out and I wasn’t too sure on the children they had for those parts.

I was really happy to see Gary Oldman show up, even if for a scene. Yum yum. ūüôā I like Oldman AND Sirius Black, so that was nice.

Mah Peeps

I’m so glad to see the familiar names of games etc in the introductory posts. It makes me feel like using gamer slang will net me understanding instead puzzling looks. ^_^

Also where go my picture? I chose one for my profile.

Along Came a Spider

Just thought I would come and and introduce myself, I am Emerald Rose Widow, or you can call me Rachel as well if you like.  Was brought into this little endeavor by Hurricanegirl who I met online through my friend Jenn sometime earlier this year.  She has introduced me to many awesome things in wargaming and has become somewhat of a mentor for me.  So I am glad to be brought in and a part of something with her like this.

I am a gamer, plain and simple, though these days I focus more on the tabletop.  DND (mostly play pathfinder though), Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, I am a general gaming nerd to be completely honest, and carry my dice around in my purse.  I am a total dork and loving it, though my experience in Warhammer and the like is rather new, as I only started playing in January, but so far am loving it.  I have my own gaming blog to talk about my own armies, but will also be contributing to hear all my experience that I may have, neat ideas, and funny stories and the like.  I just want to have fun, get to know, and just hang out with my fellow girl gamers, and I am glad to be here.

So here I shall be and I hope to get to know you all and be great friends, cause girl gamer friends are teh awesome.

-thumbs up and then runs off into the distance in a blurr of frills and petticoats-

Introducing ones self

Well.. since i see other doing it, i should to. I go by Seraph/Sera/Gwen chose one and i shall respond. Ether way, i was recruted ( just beoing a goober) by Hurricangirl. We are co-workers. I am a big time gamer geek.. and a girl. I play on a mud known as Legends of krynn, WoW ( yes.. i know), MTG, D&D and Marvel, and anything else geeky i can do.

I am married to a wonderful man ( who is also a geek but no.. he is not the one who got me into gaming) and i have a 4 year old little girl, two turtles (leonardo and donitello) i have a littler of kittens (6) and one mama cat. I really can not think of anything else to say though.. <_< so BYE!

The Commissar

Hello, look, another getting to know you post.  Hi!

I’m Commissar Carrie, and I am the resident umm, I dunno, fluff mistress?¬† I’ve been called that before, so I guess it fits.¬† I guess everyone wants to know about everyone, so here we go.¬† I’m 26, I live in Reno, NV but I’m from Texas.¬† I have an accent and a cowboy hat and I’m not super duper experienced with this whole gaming thing, as such.¬† At least not war gaming.

I started my very first gaming experience ever with Mage: the Ascension about a decade ago and have been playing RPGs ever since.¬† I started Warhammer 40k right at the dawn of fifth edition, so I am totally new hat.¬† I always kind of liked the setting though, even if I kinda think Space Marines are lame.¬† I play Orks and Sisters of Battle, neither one particularly well.¬† I play to win, but really enjoy losing most of the time.¬† My major contributions here are likely to be fiction pieces since I am about as far from the competitive side of things as it gets.¬† I play armies I have fun with rather than ones designed to win, and I’m notorious for taking tons of pleasure when the scatter dice kill off scores of my own troops.¬† Definitely not tournament level play here.

More about me, hmm…¬† I feel like this is one of those Playboy interview things.¬† Turn Ons: Heavy Flamers, David Tennant, Space Ships, Totalitarianism.¬† Turn Offs: Psycannons, Chris Eccleston, Bicycles, Heresy.¬† I like long walks in the desert, post-apocalypse, tiramisu and comitting genocide against those who oppose the church.

Thanks for reading!