Inifnity Review.

I have started trying to play a new game (Infinity).  There are exactly 2 other players locally, but we are attacting more players.

So the basics.  Infinity is a squad based tabletop combat game set in the dystopian future (blade runner, cyberpunk).  This is what first got me aside from the models looking fantastic.

I have played other skirmish games (Malifaux and Warmachine) but I find I do not care for the steampunk stuff, the Victorian era holds little interest for me.

So where was I, oh yea, Infinity, the rules are super solid, and available for free on the website  They also provide several other downloads and printouts to help you get going, free of charge.  

My 2 gaming friends are playing Yu Jing and Ariadna, I am playing Aleph (more human than human).   Super fun game, with lots you can do, and react to what the other player does. 

Sorry I have not been on in forever, super busy playing games!!!!