[40k] – 8th Edition First Lists

So 8th Edition is upon us and the internet is abuzz with the details. I haven’t obtained a copy of the rulebooks yet, but with whats out there, I have been able to put together a few lists.

Since the dawn of time, I have wanted to run a Macro Cannon, but the ITC said they were forbidden in competitive play for having strength D. Now that we’ve arrived in 8th edition, things are much different. Of course, the second list I made was centered round the Aquila Strongpoint. The first was an Eldar list, naturally. More on that later.

I wanted a list with the big guns. An artillery group of sorts. I needed to add some manpower though for protection and for grabbing objectives and the like. I also needed some defense for the structure and tanks themselves. I’ve still got a few points left to assign, but this is the general idea.

Using a Battalion Detachment I created “The Boom King”;

Aquila Strongpoint with Macro Cannon
Company Commander
Lord Commissar
3x Infantry Squad with Heavy weapon (2 Autocannon, 1 Heavy Bolter)
Master of Ordinance
Ratling Squad (5)
Ogryn Squad (5)
Bullgryn (5)
Command Squad (medic, 2x Melta gun)
2x Armoured Sentinel
2x Basilsk

Auxillary Detachment:
Techpriest Engineseer

I’ve learned that this new iteration of the Emperor’s Finest area bit more numerous than before. I think I remember having difficulty fitting both Ogryn and Bullgryn squads with vehicles and an abundace of infantry. I’m really excited to see what, if anything, this list can do.

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