Fun With Tyranids: Devilpods

I was thinking to myself what could I do to make War Dolls weird or quirky, or in general fun or something.  Well I thought about me and my Tyranids, as well as the various different units and tactic combos that I have used in the past.  Most of them I have tried on the idea of a friend of mine, but regardless they are fun ideas and quirky things you can do with Tyranids.  So here begins our first episode of Fun with Tyranids.

Yeah, I know, it is a bit melodramatic, but hey, I am just having fun here so let us dive on in.
Devilpods, or Termagants with Devourers in Mycetic Spores, can be really neat addition to your army, especially if you want to surprise the shite out of your opponent.  You can fit 20 of these bad girls in a pod, and come second turn drop them in wherever you want to wreak havoc on all your enemies butts.  That is right, butts.
The nice part is because Synapse is checked at the beginning of the turn, before reserves come in, you don’t have to worry about Instinctive Behavior the first turn they come in.  So essentially you get to drop 60 str 4 ap – shots 18 inches around a pod, and you have a nice 6 inch deploy area thanks to the most recent FAQ on teh bugs.  So you get a nice big range of tons and tons of shots to mess their day up, and it appears where it isn’t good for them….usually.
Much like a Space Marine Drop Pod, the Spore is a really versatile little deep strike delivery mechanism.  It is very reliable and not very likely to mishap, leading to more and more useful placements working to your advantage.
Nice part, you get to do all this delightful awesomeness for the low low price of 240 points.  Ok yeah for Termagants this is very expensive, but the point is you get heavy mobility, tons of shots where you want them to be, which even better is where your enemy doesn’t want them to be.  I suggest running at least one in any list you run with bugs, as it is fun and effective.
So, long story short, run these buggers…see what I did there…buggers
This is ERW signing off

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