[40k] The Guard are Coming

The Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum have been my ‘back burner’ army for a very, very long time. When ProdigalSon and I first started 40k we had a dream of a joint Guard army but sadly with moves, school and life in general, it never coalesced. Being a creature of immense sentimentality, I kept collecting guardsmen here and there over the years and when I found myself with a Sisters army back when they could have conscripted guard, I switched to hoard mode. By the time I realized what I was doing I had three full platoons. One of the local gang moved away and offered to sell me all his armor and a paycheck later I was the owner of a huge Guard force.

Backburner indeed!

I find myself in a bit of a quandary now, as my plan initially was to skip over the Astra Militarum codex when it dropped and await the Eldar Craftworld book, again keeping my poor humans in reserve. This week of teases though has gotten my excitement level up and having already had an all tank list written up, when I saw ‘Grinding Advance’ for the Leman Russ I may have changed my mind. For those not keeping up with the teases (see below) from Warhammer Community – If a Leman Russ moves half its full movement, it can fire its turret weapon twice in the shooting phase. 

I’ve had terrible luck running guardsmen, leading me to continually keep this army on the shelf, not to mention a severe lack of women’s representation (another post for another day), but depending on the Cadian Doctrine, I may have to reconsider my squishy little boys and girls (you heard me) for re-deployment. In the meantime I will have my tanks to keep me warm and happy. Is there a plush Leman Russ out there somewhere? Can Build-a-Bear do that?

So here I am. I have to wait an entire week to sweat out the decision of whether or not to get this book when it releases, and then throw that decision out the window once I actually get to crack open the book and see what’s in there. Then I have to wonder if that decision was right because the Eldar are rumoured to be around the corner. THEN I have to worry about having two codexes of my own before the Warboss gets hers because that’s a little unfair GW. I mean c’mon. 😉

P.S. I still believe in Orktober!

Regimental Focus: Catachan

Regiment Focus: Mordian

Regiment Focus: Vostroya

Regiment Focus: Valhalla

Regimental Focus: Armageddon

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