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I am now in charge of running events and tournaments at the local game store. No one else is motivated enough to do it, so the store owner is allowing me to take it on.

The first tournament is a 1000 point 40k Tournament in 2 weeks. I have done a lot of research into tournament types and scoring methods, so I hope it goes well and that people have a good time.

It was my thinking after much research, to eliminate the subjective scoring done by the participants themselves, sportsmanship scores, etc.

The tournament will be mainly based upon Generalship, wins and losses, as well as mission bonus points.

There will be additional scoring for painting, since the store owner wants to see more people painting their armies. Assuming a maximum score all around for the person who also paints best, the painting score would account for about 20% of the overall score. I think this is fair.

Has anyone else run a tournament, what do you find works and does not work when it comes to scoring, and mission setups?

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  1. Congratulations!!

    I’ve run a few tournaments in my day. I found that the Rogue Trader stuff worked pretty well, including the Sportsmanship scores. I feel that Sportsmanship keeps the players more honest and sportsman-like towards one another. I always thought that Wizards should put a sportsman score in Magic tourneys.

    I think the painting score sounds fair too, since the store owner is looking for more productivity. I’d run some numbers and make sure it’s still possible for someone to max out generalship and still win with a minimalist paint score.

    As far as the missions go, there used to be a RTT pack put out by GW that ad some decent missions. Sadly those are a bit dated. I’ve seen recent tourneys doing Adepticon (and other larger tourneys) mission packs.

    Terrain! Having lots of terrain is a good thing. I always stuck to the 25% rule with my tourneys. I’d pile the terrain in one corner of the board to make sure and then spread it out. And theme the board of course. I was fortunate enough at my store to have plenty of terrain (and a great group to make it) to go around.

    Good luck hon, and I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. I have to agree with HurricaneGirl, the sportsmanship may be bias based on their perception, but it does help them keep honest. Because they know the other person is also judging on their sportsmanship. One thing I have seen is that the sportsmanship doesn’t effect the end scoring, but that there is a separate award for those who had good sportsmanship. It worked pretty well in my area, and it helped people keep from dealing with losses poorly, because they still won one as long as they kept the game good and honest.

  3. Well the tournament went well. 13 players, 14 including me as a ringer. Overall everyone had a good time, and I beat the one guy I never beat before. Go me.

    I decided against the Sportsmanship score, but will consider it forst next time if the shop owner agrees to hand out some seperate awards.

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