The new set Innistrad for MGT is wonderful, the new macahnics of the flip card are a little pain in the ass but its something i will get used to. My husband and i went to the new pre relise last saturday, for the most part it was a fail for me ( i pulled shit to make a deck) and he went up against someone who studyied thier deck, but other htne that it went good. HE managed to pull a foil snapcaster mage and i.. well i pulled a Skaab Ruinator. A couple things i learned that night that i would like to share with others.

1. If you are the only female there, dont point it out.. you already feel aqward enough without the guys stairting at you like you are an odd ball for being there.
2. if you do number one make sure you point out that your hubby is right there.
3. A pre relise touny may be fun. but make sure you go durring a day one
4. if you do go to the night one make sure that they start before 2 ( when time to start was scheduled for 12 am)
5. if this does happen, maybe after opening your packs its a good idea to leave if you have your kid with you.
6. dont let you kid (that is used to going to bed at 8:30 for school) sleep on the floor of the gaming store while you play MGT!
7. Best end the match if this is to happen.
8. insist your hubby knows this and you drop out.
9 also be on the look out of little kids who used to play yugioh and are now playing magic.
10. if you see them dont trade with them ( they will get two land cards from you that when you get home you will find out were worth 25 bucks each)
11. if you do find this out lie to your hubby and dont tell him he made a bad trade..

Other then that the pre relise was good. now just to convice my hubby to sell that card!

One thought on “Innistrad

  1. I attend tournaments all the time. My crowd is used to me being there. In addition, there are a good 4-5 of us ladies so we all hang together and take care of each other.

    Bring your young kid to a tournament? I’ve never done it and I never will. I’ve missed lots of tournaments and prereleases due to kid issues and I will continue to do so – it’s not fair to ANYONE involved to do otherwise.

    Trading- well, I let my teen son do trading for me. He’s a shark and I know he’ll get me a deal.

    Innistrad is a fun, versatile and powerful set with some interesting combos and a lot of triggered abilities. Knowing order of operations can be critical for this set. Also, sacrifice engines have to be considered carefully due to all the graveyard triggered effects….

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