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I know guys, I am doing a lot of posts about pathfinder/dnd/rp games lately, but really that has been the bulk of my entertainment of late.  Well upon reminiscing about my prior games I have played, I am reminded of many of the characters I have played out and the ones I am particularly fond of.  So I thought today I would talk about my characters that I have played, specifically the ones I loved the most, and give a basic idea of their personality and the like.  I will start with a character I lovingly call “The Good Doctor” and then we shall go from there.

Dr. Clairence Jekyll

This character was by and large one of the more fun characters I have ever played, but then again this little lady sailed out of port sensible on the HMS quirky if you know what I mean.  She was an alchemist, that was shooting very much for the Dr. Jekyll and Hyde thing, I was shooting for the whole Master Chymist prestige class to take the theme to its logical conclusion.  She was ever the scientist, focusing on her mutagen and her bombs, but she also carried a flintlock pistol.

This character played a game in a custom universe, one created in the imagination of a friend of mine, and he was running the game.  Imagine a world that went through a great cataclysm, and most of the livable land making up floating islands in the sky.  Airships were prolific to say the least, and it was in general a fun world with a semi scientific vibe.  It was a world I would love to see created in more detail, if my friend ever decides to work on it I would love to help.

This woman also was a prolific pipe tobacco smoker with a thick Scottish accent, one that I had practiced to a great extent in preparation.  I also had a cheap churchwarden pipe that I used as a prop wile playing her which was a whole lot of fun.  She was the kind of woman that would smoke three or four bowls of tobacco in any given day.  She would have had that whole smell you get around pipe smokers, that infuses their clothing due to how often they smoke.

The scottish accent was especially fun to learn, which I did through a video series called “how to fake a Scottish accent”, which was also a ton of fun to watch.  I loved using this to denote when the good doctor was acting in character, though it did lead to some communication errors due to how thick her accent was and how quickly she was wont to speak.  So needless to say all of this lead to a lot of fun RP moments with the group, especially when you take into account my brother’s Jack Sparrow like character that was a gunslinger with a musket.  There were many fun times to be had with this character, and because of this she made it onto my list of favorite characters.

Empress Arandra Delen

This was a character that I played for the Kingmaker Adventure Path, who started off with very humble beginnings.  She was a Sorcerer of the Serpentine bloodline, and had a thing for diplomacy.  She was a half-elf, and tried to talk her way through issues whenever she could, with quite the silver tongue I might add.  She helped talk our way into the Stag Lord’s keep, and thus take the man out to free the area from his…influence.

We then started to build our nation, which would later become named “The Kahlizian Empire”, of which Arandra was one of the rulers.  She would later marry one of the other characters in the party, and the two of them would become the two Empresses of a great nation.  A great nation that would later go to war and conquer its neighbor, making its borders even larger.

What was especially fun with this character was playing out the relationship with my friend’s character as they ruled this Empire.  I really do wish there were more opportunities to have fun with RP in this regard, because there were so many lost opportunities.  There was one RP session where a guy was trying to undermine our rule of the land, and we didn’t take him as a prisoner but let him say his piece and exposed the magic he was using to manipulate the people against us.  It was very interesting session, and really the best RP moment in the entire campaign, I had a lot of fun with it and it took up most of the session that day.

I would later use her as an NPC in another campaign where more danger came towards the Kahlizian Empire.  So it was fun to get to reuse the character though as an NPC, as well as her wife, their general, so on and so fourth.

Archmagister Arlea Draconis

This lady was a ditz, a straight up absent minded ditz, who would often lose her train of thought in the middle of a discussion with someone.  Hell often times she would lose the thought mid scentence and kinda go off rambling in her own weird way.  She was a wizard (yeah, I know I play arcane casters a lot) with some very humble beginnings, and ran herself into some very odd circumstances in the world of Faerun, better known as The Forgotten Realms.  This was the world that the Balder’s Gate games came from, though we focused mostly on the Silvereymoon area of the land, but lots of travelling was to be had.

Below here is the picture that inspired the character for me, and it only exploded from there with this lady.

She wasn’t always the insanely brilliant, if totally absent minded, wizard that she later became though, she had humble beginnings as a simple minded innkeeper’s daughter.  She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, probably around intelligence 6 or 7, and she spent most of her days playing a fiddle at her father’s inn.  She was innocent, naive, and just loved to play her music for the crowd that was her father’s patrons.

She was kidnapped by a wizard who was doing experiments in intelligence, trying to impart intelligence on anyone.  Who better to choose than the simple minded innkeepers daughter he met, and thought was the perfect subject.  The experiment worked, it made her absolutely brilliant, but it partially fried her mind in the process, turning her into the woman that she was when the campaign started.  She was the kind of wizard that often had accidents and blew up labs frequently.

This got her kicked out of many universities, and a gnome who felt of kindred spirit took her on as an apprentice.  His daughter was the one who chopped Arlea’s hair, due to how often she was either lighting it on fire, or singing the edges in her experiments.  The woman was very accident prone to say the least, but she made some amazing magic, and came up with many new spells.  She was quite the inventor of spells, but they often ended with her laboratory exploding.

She would later go on a long adventure that would see her meeting the ruler of Silvereymoon, as well as the great Elminster himself.  Her last act in her adventures happened when she killed off, with the help of her party, a very very old blue dragon.  Later on with the help of some local dwarves in Mithril Hall she had befriended, would build a great trade city in the middle of this desert, that her and another caster friend of her’s would rule.  They had built a keep with two towers, one for each of the great arcane masters ruling it.  That was pretty much where the adventure ended, but she still had a really fond place in my heart as one of the more fun and more in depth characters I have played in my history RPing.

Ruz Varix, The Storm Queen

This character was an NPC I was running for a game I was DMing for in the Eberron Campaign setting.  She was a changeling wizard who had a prelediction for using lightning based magic, and later became an Elemental Savant with a focus on the same.  She was well on her way to finishing that prestige class, which would turn her partially into an air elemental.  Mix that all with her feats allowing her to do some sonic damage with her lightning spells, her nickname of “The Storm Queen” was very much well earned.

The primary antagonist in this campaign was Erandis d’Vol, yes that super crazy lich half dragon bitch that is one of the major big bad’s that exist in the Eberron universe.  She was the kinda lady who was wiling to torture them to get the information that she wanted on an item that they intercepted in transit, and had hidden when they realized who wanted it.  It was a giant mess and my NPC here was the worst tortured of the group until they were freed by a friend they had adventured with for a short time.

They found out through this rescue that said friend was a red dragon (Eberron and its weird dragon alignments and all that fun stuff.), and had been following them and helping them in often a very round about and hidden way due to the draconic prophecies that were involved with it.  Yes I know, Draconic Prophecy is a huge McGuffin in the Eberron universe, shut up I am aware of it, hehe.

She was a fun character though, and I also personally have a thing for lightning because it is so frelling cool.  She originally didn’t put much effort into hiding her changeling nature, but after being tortured, realized how much she needed to hide.  She later on in the campaign started relying on her shape changing ability to hide from d’Vol, as well as never staying in the same area for too long as she needed to survive.

We never finished this campaign, as the group of us moved to various places, so we could never continue the story.  Regardless this character was a ton of fun, and while not on the HMS quirky quite as badly as the good doctor was, she was quite the little quirk.  I know I like quirky characters, what can I say, I do quirk well and in fun ways.

So tell me about your characters that you have had the most fun with, ones you may or may not have used many many times.  How did you come up with them, and what was so cool about them?  We all have those characters we love, lets talk about them.

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