Happy little Farseers…

I am often asked “What do you think of the new (Eldar) Codex?” by other players.Eldar_Craftworld_at_war

On a whole, I really do like it.

With the exception of the Banshees, everything seems pretty strong. I’m still trying to see if I can get the girls to co-operate, but with Doom being a random chance now, and their masks no longer ignoring the penalty for charging into terrain, it’s very difficult to promise them that things will work out for them. They’re starting to doubt me. 

I’ve tried out the “Solitare” Autarch build a few times, but my sweetheart is more clever than him it seems. Whenever he throws a challenge to a gang of Orks, the Nob just steps back and tells the boyz “Get ‘im lads!” and they beat my poor, lone “squishy” Eldar to death with axes and boots.

I have found one weapon that they don’t quite know how to handle though – Swooping Hawks. The big blast from the grenades and then a fusillade of laser fire is pretty handy. Just don’t shoot at ‘ard boys or Nobz. That just makes them angry. I use them mostly to target her gretchen, but I’m ashamed to say that that so far, the gretchen are more than a match for them in close combat.

The Crimson Hunter is another unit I’ve come to really like. Using it as a flying assassin has been my favorite so far. Sub out the Bright Lances for Star Cannons, buy the Precision Shot (“Exarch”) and Marksman Eye upgrades and come out shooting with tons (ok, well 6) of AP2.

I’m still testing out some other units to see what else I like. My Harlequins have seen a lot of play lately as well, but I’m putting them on the shelf until I get my other 6 painted up. I feel like they need more numbers before they are effective.

All in all, this is a much sturdier codex and I’m really excited about it. I just wish I could win a game against the Orks. HA!

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