40k Rumors – Tyranids

It’s surprising how few ‘happy genestealer’ pics there are out there…

Rumors are floating about that The Great Devourer is coming in January and yours truly couldn’t be any more excited about it. Why you ask? Or you should be asking… Well I will tell you gentle reader, one of the rumors that you may have heard about is that the bugs are getting a ‘run and assault’ rule. This alone is enough to please me, since I run a Genestealer heavy list, but there is also now a rumor that there will be a Genestealer Cult supplement. This is positively *squeeworthy*!

A dose of reality though, is that there are now surfacing rumors that are conflicting. Rumors first suggested that there were going to be Finecast models and that the Zoey and Doom of Malantai were going to be clamshell packages (also Finecast?) and now there are saying that there will be NO finecast models and that the Zoanthrope may be a plastic kit. Rumors are of course, rumors and to be taken as such, so I do have to worry about the truth to the former rumors. I will retain my firm choke-hold on hope though.

As anyone knows me will attest, I’m not one to trust too much to rumors, but the “run & assault” ability (forgive me for not remembering it’s name) is exactly what my Genestealers needed to become effective in 6th edition!


Could be a family portrait…. Just sayin.







I am also very hopeful that the Stealerbugs get a point reduction due to the lack of effectiveness in regards to Overwatch. It seems to me that the Overwatch rule went into the game (which I am for) and everyone could use it except for my poor Genestealer. I don’t mind this, however all units that CAN use this rule are on equal ground… unless you have a BS of 0 (or no ranged weapon to speak of). I feel that there should be some form of point reduction in that case, since there is a Universal rule that everyone but them can use.

And THAT is my 2 credits. *drops microphone*

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