Dark Eldar Succubus (in progress)

I’m working on building up some Dark Eldar (hopefully this was obvious) allies for my Iybraesil forces. Now that, with the release of the new Eldar codex, the Howling Banshees are no longer in my penalty box, I wanted to revisit a list I had been working on earlier this year – Banshees in Raiders!. I acquired this model some time back and have begun the work to bring her to the table just recently.

I’m painting her a shade darker than my Sotek Green Iybraesil because I want her to blend in with the rest of my army yet still look Dark Eldar-y. I know her hair looks different from most DE (they tend toward darker shades) but in assembling her, she begun to remind me of Sally from 3rd Rock from the Sun. This is also the first time I’ve painted on of the new plastic kits from Games Workshop. It assembled very easily and precisely and there was little to no flash. I’m quite pleased with this and it’s vast improvement over the finecast figures I’ve seen. The painting process is very fiddly unfortunately, as she’s a very lithe lady, so the going has been slow. I really do like this figure a lot, save for the glaive stuck way out front. It keeps her from getting up close and very personal with her foe. More photos will follow as I progress.

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