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mm-mr-furiousThis article from last week is starting to gain ground in it’s spread around the internet. I watched the video there with disbelief. “Why on earth would someone do this?” I asked myself. I’ve been in gaming for a long time, and seen my fair share of tantrums, rage-quits and lost tempers (might have had some of these myself) but this takes the cake.

That may have been the whole point of this video. Getting attention. However, we’re going to assume that’s not the case. For science.

I’m not even sure where to start. There are SO many reasons that this is just a bad idea. Here are my thoughts in no particular order.

  • So apparently Games Workshop has released a new ruleset “Age of SIgmar” to replace the aging “Warhammer Fantasy” ruleset. What does that mean for Warhammer armies. Are they unusable? Maybe in “AoS”. If you think there are no other people that are going to be playing “Old Fantasy”, then you might be crazy. Ever hear of Pathfinder?
  • Investment. It’s no secret that GW is a miniature company as well as a games producer. The models are not cheap and it takes time to build a considerable army, even on a modest budget. Most (sane) people sell their armies, or parts thereof whenever they move on from that army/game. At least some of the invested money can be re-couped or more, if it’s well painted.
  • You could try and trade for other things. We have swap meets around here all the time, and it’s a good way to get rid of old figs and learn about new games.
  • You could donate the army to a club, store or someone who otherwise can’t afford them. I’ve seen a few people do things such as these.

I could go on. The point here is that this effort is pointless and wasteful. There are plenty of other things you can do with an old army, and making a show of burning, smashing or otherwise destroying years worth of work isn’t going to influence a gaming company to see your viewpoint. It just makes you look like a raging nerd. In my experience, this is a pretty sad sight.

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