Craftworlds List – “Living Dead Girl”

After several weeks of running Astra Sororitas / Sisters of Battle for the Fate of Konor campaign I was ready to get back to my love – Eldar. I have several little bins with ‘to-do’ projects in them, all sitting on a shelf in an organized fashion. Three of them were just in need of having the bases done. After months of seeing them, it finally dawned on me that I had a theme ready to have a list built around it!


Shoot for the Moon

I found this short bit on an old forum where I ran my first campaign. I had forgotten that I’d written it. Enjoy!

With a deafening roar, belching flame and smoke and trailing nuts, slivers of crystal and grots, the massive rocket slowly but surely climbed into the atmosphere, building speed until it disappeared from sight. Orks stood about with faces pointed skyward until some git got bored and punched his neighbor in the throat.


Race Fluff for Untitled Project

Phase One of the project on which I am working is to introduce humans and the Corporations they represent. That phase is nearing completion and currently only needs some adjusting and testing. Any creative efforts are being directed towards Phase Two or coming up with a better title for the project.


Fluff For Untitled Project

Before mankind reached out and took his place among the stars. Before we met the first alien races. Before we collectively took those first tentative steps outside our solar system…

Mankind brought itself to the brink of Apocalypse.