Archives Well the rumors are currently pointing to a Sisters of Battle Codex. Obviously, this Farseer isn’t surprised as I predicted just such an occurrence. 😉

watch The scary part is that some of the rumours state that it will just be an e-book version of the WD copy. Well I say this is not the case. Expect to see new content and information. I know I do. And if you don’t believe me, There’s this image that seems to be from a White Dwarf. So there!

Buy Valium Tablets Online Though I’m excited to see the girls get a book after so terribly, terribly long, I’m also excited that the Tyranids have a book coming too and I am going to be revamping THAT army for finally playing in 6th edition. And repainting. Look for project blogs soon, and likely for both armies. Fortunately I’m quite happy with my Sisters’ look and they are mostly painted. Only Seraphim and Repentia need painting at this point.

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