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All posts tagged girl gamers xenaxaspIt’s not at all easy to be a warrior princess in the forty first millennium these days. Some of the other eras are tough too, but today we’re looking at Warhammer 40k and it’s sad lack of female models where there should not be a lack. Tau, Eldar and the Imperium of Man are all composed of binary races (that still occupy their original bodies, Necron lovers) and have fluff that state that both races fight on the battlefield, but the miniature line doesn’t reflect that very well for some. Continue Reading

see url My free time in recent months has been eaten by an early-release game on Steam called 2015-04-04-15-04-52-778_FinalScreenSpace Engineers. What is S.E. you ask? I’m glad you brought that up!

source site As an avid Minecraft player (and crafty/creative person in general), I love to build things. In MC though, those things are just static. Many times I’ve wanted to build a cart or big boat or space ship and have it be able to fly around.

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get link Of course lately the Warhammer 40k news is the soon released Ork Codex. The models so far have been pretty good, and I know that a certain someone here at home is quite tickled with what’s been released each week. We even stopped by a GW store yesterday on our way out of town to pick up the latest White Dwarf, and wound up coming away with one of the new Mek Guns as well. They’re quite well done, and not as big as I thought originally. I was worried that they would dwarf the existing big gun models. There have been …other things purchased as well. There’s quite an arsenal forming in the studio. Continue Reading

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click The Specialist Games have been gone for a little while now, and of course that includes Blood Bowl. A dear friend once commented that Blood Bowl was one of the best games Games Workshop produced. I cannot find a reason to dispute this.

Order Xanax Bars Online I do however understand that if something isn’t making them money, then they have to get rid of it. I just wish they hadn’t chosen the end of the game’s life to produce a color that applies solely to that game (specifically the turf on which the game takes place). It’s just nostalgically painful.

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Buy Xanax Usa There IS a slight hope though, that this as evidence, combined with the fact that the Specialist page is still up and linked to the main page, could indicate something will be happening in the future with these titles? One can hope!

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Buy Xanax From India Taurox2The new Imperial Guard codex(es) is right around the corner and with it some new sculpts and entirely new models. One of these is the Taurox and at first it was a bit repulsive to me, looking more orky than Imperial. But along came better leaked photos, and that gave us a much clearer image of this new interesting vehicle. Now, seeing it better, I’ve decided that it’s not terrible bad, excepting those weird mini-treads, and set out to find some vague idea of what rules will be for it. Continue Reading

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