3 comments on “Tired of being a Healer Girlfriend?

  1. https://nmth.nl/efq4rg7ts I play a Priest in World of Warcraft, and although I can and do heal, I didn’t start out in that role because I was someone’s girlfriend. Buuuut because I am a healer, and a girl, people assume I am a healer girlfriend. Automatically. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “so, when did your boyfriend get you to play?”


    go here I heard or read somewhere once regarding girls on WoW: you suck. You can’t play. You’re here for questing. Maybe you can heal – maybe. You can’t dps, unless you prove it by being the top dps in a raid. Not close – but absolutely on top. And you definitely can’t tank – even if I see it with my own eyes.

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  2. https://www.larochellevb.com/2024/01/31/swh0ouzzdkg I know I’ve heard that ‘gamer girlfriend’ trope so many times. But for me, gaming has really been a life long passion. And I picked up the role playing game habit long before I started dating, so I certainly didn’t start out as ‘the gaming girlfriend’ 🙂


    How To Buy Zolpidem Online I do have a tendency to play the support/healer roles… but that’s because it is what I enjoy most out of games. Still sometimes people make that female+healer=someone’s girlfriend who got roped into the game. I’m not sure what’s more offensive to me though… that assumption, or the people who say I can’t really be a girl because I like games on my own…


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