New Blood Angels Painting

After having gotten stuck with little motivation while working on my Skathach, Yriel really gave me inspiration to keep working on HQ models, which led me to painting two Blood Angels for my husband – Lemartes and Dante.

Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost, is a Blood Angels chaplain, who although having fallen to the Black Rage (a mental condition wherein the afflicted becomes filled with rage and anger to the point of only wanted to curbstomp any nearby enemies without regard for strategy) is still able to control his actions and thoughts through sheer willpower alone.

He was relatively fun to paint, apart from being resin. My black still appears to suffer under photographs, but I went with a more subdued paint scheme than what GW used. Their version had a lot of gold, which really fought with the white and red for attention, so I swapped it out for silver instead. It makes him look a little less busy.

Commander Dante, meanwhile, was my first real try at “True Metallic Metal” – a painting style that has recently become all the rage in painting competitons. It combines “Non-Metallic Metal” techniques with metallic paints. The idea is to better represent the actual appearance of metal, which can be highly variable based on what is around it.

The basic idea is to use standard metallic paints for a base coat but then to use flat colors for the extreme highlights. Some painters also like to use flat colors for the extreme shadows, but my husband wanted Dante to be really shiney.

I’ve got at least one more character in the works before I officially start trying to paint my Skathach again. One of our friends at the FLGS is letting me paint a Lord of Contagion for him since he has three of them.

Stay tuned.

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