All posts tagged painting I am not entirely certain why it took me so long to get around to finishing this model up, but I am going to blame it on not wanting to work with the resin. It can be kind of nerve-wracking, and I am still having problems remembering to take pictures in between each step.

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go Red finally finished her current large model project – a Skathach Wraithknight.

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enter A friend pointed a couple that wanted their custom D&D miniatures painted to Red for a commission. Continue Reading

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follow link Because she wanted to, Red painted a Lord of a Contagion model from the new Dark Imperium box for a friend at the local gaming store. ” style=”width: 316.797px;

see After having gotten stuck with little motivation while working on my Skathach, Yriel really gave me inspiration to keep working on HQ models, which led me to painting two Blood Angels for my husband – Lemartes and Dante. Continue Reading