D&D Weekly – Medieval Villages

The mall had a giant event, so most of the Dungeons and Dragons groups at the gaming store cancelled for the night. Thus, instead of another installment of the Seals of Dracholt, here are a few links to information on medieval life.

Having actively participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism [SCA for short] in the past, it should be little wonder that when I stumbled across a few websites featuring how life went in the middle ages, I decided to voraciously read it with the intent to include it in my Dungeons and Dragons works.

The first is from a website specifically created with Roleplaying Games in mind and has several other articles about other aspects of RPG’s, but the one I found the most interesting (especially since the next chapter of Seals of Dracholt will include a decent amount of in-depth information about a small village) was about the structure of a Medieval Village:

Get Medieval “The Village in the Middle Ages: Economy and Society in 13th and 14th Century England”

The author specifies that he bases a lot of his research on Medieval England, although at the bottom of the article he goes into what would be different from the actual lived experience of medieval peoples and the experience of a community in a Dungeons and Dragons setting. The prevalence of monsters and magic are specifically noted.

The second website goes into even more depth, and although I have yet to read a majority of the articles, I have been using a number of them to craft believable peasants for my players to interact with:

Medieval Life

The time period for both websites seem to be roughly similar, which gives for a lot of overlapping but useful information.

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