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go here The mysterious men in the black vans had something Red needed to work on, so Seals of Dracholt was cancelled. Here’s some information about generating cultures instead.

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follow I have loved playing World of Darkness (or I guess it is Chronicles of Darkness now), so when I noticed this 2000’s video game on sale from Steam, I could not resist picking it up. Although it has its share of bugs and issues, it is still a pretty great game; just make sure you go get the unofficial patch before you start.

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see url The party collects their reward before coming across a duo of strange creatures in a dark alley.

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go to link The party returns to Dracholt for their reward and goes off to rough up a band of gnolls terrorizing the peasants.

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see url Red picked up the brand new book released by Wizards of the Coast and wanted to share her initial thoughts.

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