D&D Weekly – Three Line Cultures

The mysterious men in the black vans had something Red needed to work on, so Seals of Dracholt was cancelled. Here’s some information about generating cultures instead.

I am sure by now you have gathered that I am not one to use pre-generated campaigns. As such, I have a tendency of developing my own cultures and kingdoms and factions on a regular basis, and as I have been going through the Lost Seals of Dracholt campaign, I have found a need to continuously add more and more information as I go, which can make remembering everything a bit difficult.

One of the articles I recently stumbled across has a method for developing cultures that would really help with that. The author called it a “Three Line Culture,” and I am probably going to be using this method in all of my future campaigns and worlds since it makes factions a lot easier to remember.


The first thing it will probably get applied to is my World of Darkness setting – a lot of the factions there really lack any defining features besides their respective leaders being interesting characters, and this will make coming up with a basis for the legions of different factions much more simple and much less daunting.

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