40K: Orks Inbound & other things.


This has got to be the coolest Ork photo in history!

Of course lately the Warhammer 40k news is the soon released Ork Codex. The models so far have been pretty good, and I know that a certain someone here at home is quite tickled with what’s been released each week. We even stopped by a GW store yesterday on our way out of town to pick up the latest White Dwarf, and wound up coming away with one of the new Mek Guns as well. They’re quite well done, and not as big as I thought originally. I was worried that they would dwarf the existing big gun models. There have been …other things purchased as well. There’s quite an arsenal forming in the studio.

So with Orks gearing up in our home, I thought it fitting that I get my Imperial Guard up and running. I just finished my first squad (the veterans have one more fig left and the ratlings don’t count) and am starting on the command squad today. I’ve got several tanks that only need detail work, so I’m definitely getting very close to being able to loose these guys on the world.

Recently 7th edition was released. If you haven’t heard about that, then what rock have you been under? I’ve been fairly satisfied with the rules so far, and it’s not too far a step up from 6th so that’s good, since that has been my favorite version thus far. 7th definitely has been playing on my heart strings – they finally have a ram mechanic that actually is effective, and that was one of my favorite parts of 2nd edition.

Locally, at our local store (Giga-bites Cafe) The General Staff hosted a “War College” day. Lots of folks showed up, learned about 7th ed, played some games and got some swag! It was a great success!

Coming up this next Sunday (the 29th of June) will be the first 7th edition tournament I’ve hosted. I’m looking forward to it, and will definitely be writing up about it, especially since I have some fairly strong opinions about some of the larger/other tourneys limiting how many Combined Arms Detachments, or units, or even modifying weapon statlines for whatever reasons. Anyone else feel like this is the wrong decision for them to make?

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  1. I was so very tempted to pick up Orks as my next army, but since I already had a decent start on Chaos, I decided to fill it out instead. I’ve definitely been impressed with all the new Orky models though, and may still be swayed into buying one of the ‘Nauts just to build and paint. 🙂

    Overall, I’m really happy with 7th as well – now that I’ve had some time with it on the iPad (I know I bitched about it a bit early on) and gotten some clarifications. Having never really gotten the 6th Ed rules down 100%, 7th couldn’t have come at a better time.

  2. I feel like limiting CADs and modifying stat lines is Fascist and stupid… not to put too fine a point on it. Running a tournament is one thing, but to rewrite rules and limit that which the GW gods have seen fit to bless each army with, is biased and unfair. If an army is particularly strong in the air, there’s probably something about their ground game that’s not as strong as it could be. If an army is really good in close combat, like my Orks, there’s a good chance their long game is not as great. Every army is good at something. If they are lacking in some part of the game, they probably excel in another. There’s a balance to it that I think GW has done a good job promoting. To change rules, detachment limits and guidelines messes with that balance. I say, if you don’t like the rules of the game, find another game. A “fun” game doesn’t mean limiting an army’s capabilities to suit whatever bias, blind or otherwise, a TO may have. Leave the rules to the rule people and just play ball.

    [Tosses mic to ground and dismounts soapbox]

    Oh and WAAAAAAAGH!!!

  3. It seems to me that limiting CAD or disallowing Unbound armies at this stage in the game is just reacting poorly to change. “OMG, this is not the same way as it was last edition! Abuse will be rampant! Change it back the way it was!” After a few months for things to shake out, maybe some adjustments will need to be made for the sake of balance. GW isn’t known for their well balanced and tested rules set, or their timely updates after all. But let it play out first and see if there are any problems. Or you know, just stick to playing 6th edition if you fear change that much. Changing stat lines of gear is right out though, for any kind of tournament. If you want to change the way rules work in friendly games, with people you know and are aware of the changes, sure go for it. But tournaments need to have a base understanding of the rules. Major departures from the written rules need to be minimal, well thought out and widely advertised. Otherwise it will just lead to a lot of confusion.

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