Hobby Organization Project


Our weekend project!

We needed some organization for our poor dolls. This closet was a hidden refuge for the last few boxes of the big move, and also had our nerdy toys all stashed away and largely inaccessible. Most notably missing around the house were the Orks. And there are a lot of them! 

I wanted to get real fancy and put some LEDs in the closet, but money and the lack of any power outlets in the closet put a kibosh on that plan. There’s always later, (plus batteries and my soldering gun).

I was very pleased that the plastic ‘bits’ trays stacked so 20161106_231409perfectly on the top shelf. My white ‘project’ trays will have to go though. They are a bit inappropriate for the space there I think.

BTW: There’s nothing wrong (or on) with that Army Transport case, the flash just really lit it up for some reason.

Next Project: Painting space!!

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