[video games] Surviving the Survival Hunt

2016-02-02_00001The Warboss/GorkyMorkyGurl and I have some rather different tastes in video games all the way down to platform. She was a long time console gamer and I was primarily PC. We did find common ground with Borderlands 2. I’ve played it before with my old roommates and she found it adorable. We’ve tried a few different games sinceand eventually wound up finding our way to Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod. Since the JC games aren’t made for multiplayer it had to be modded, and if you’ve played it, then you know it’s woefully buggy. We played on a couple of different servers and that helped us identify what we liked most.


Doesn’t matter. Still landed it.

Our ideal game is a First/Third person survival RPG (preferably 1st), that incorporates driving and base building. Crafting elements are most welcome as well. We’ve found a few that come close, but none have had all of those elements in the correct combination. Yet.


I park where I want!

We looked at Ark after finding a really good deal on it (buying for two here) and discovered we had a friend running a server for it as well. It was close to what we were looking for (crafting, building) and instead of driving cars, you could ride dinosaurs! If you have played this one, you know it’s tough to just survive. The dinosaur riding/training came at a much later level as well, so this only served as a frustrating point for us I think.

I started this post prior to Christmas and it’s sat dormant for a while. Since I began, we’ve discovered a still-early ‘Alpha’ game that checks off most of our want list. Granted 7 Days to Die is still in Alpha stage, so there’s a chance we may get most, or all of our wants out of this game. Even in this stage, it’s very playable and quite enjoyable. On the down side, it has apparently been in development for 3 years now. We have, however seen blog updates (and at least one game update) nearly every week we’ve been playing, so something is happening at least. We have high hopes! I’m sure there’ll be another post just about this one here soon!

7 Days to Die_20160701114723

Scary and beautiful!


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