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  1. It seems solid to me. As you develop it, I’d consider adding modifiers to each attack type vs each defense type. For example, sprays are effective against dodge-heavy characters, but have poor results against bulky characters. Precision shots are the opposite, etc.

  2. You might consider adding a ‘Snap shot’ or “Reaction fire’ attack type; an (perhaps out of sequence) attack prioritizing take-the-opportunity-while-you-have-it over accuracy.

    • Reaction Fire would be a nice thing to have. I’ll see if it fits, though I do believe i have an “overwatch”action that I set up for that situation. It may also be a good feature of one of the “wet wired” factions.

  3. I love the concept of spray and pray! That’s usually my go to in any video game, so having that in a table top game is pretty awesome. But I agree that there should be a correlation between the attacks and defenses about which is stronger/weaker against another.

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