4 comments on “Rituals of the Random

  1. I just bought my own since I’m fairly new to fantasy (haven’t played 40k yet) but I fully believe in not letting others touch my dice or using someone else’s dice. I also do not use failed die rolls in the same phase like I won’t use the missed to hit dice to roll for my chance to wound. It sounds silly and ridiculous to even me but I kinda think it works haha. It’s possible that my focus is aimed towards the successful rolls but.. More often than not, when I feel good I roll well. When I’ve given up I see many more 1’s than usual lol. Of course it doesn’t always happen that way, but I believe in the heart of the cards, er, dice I mean.

    • My thing is I only have one dice set I use, its emerald green marbled with gold numbers (pips only for the d6’s) but that is not for luck but because I have an obsession with emerald.

      I have noticed I focus on the bad rolls when I am having a bad day, and focus on the cool things when I am having a good day.

  2. I don’t have any particular dice rituals… I’ll use mine, yours, store’s, anyone’s dice really. I do have dice that match my armies, and the dice that match my sisters roll so poorly I consider them one of the reasons I quit playing that army. But aside from that, I’m pretty neutral on what I roll with.

    I also keep a set of dice in my purse, just in case, and actually they came in handy today. I was asked to name a word that started with “tetra” and the only thing I could think of was “tetrahedron”….which of course brought the question “What’s a tetrahedron?” and so I pulled out my d4 to explain 🙂

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