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Buy Xanax Aus This is a selection from my Space Engineers Workshop page on Steam. Enjoy!OreShips



Diazepam Buy Now The RD-32 (commonly referred to as “The Ox”) is the designation for the automated ore ships currently used by Sanctuary Industries to ferry goods from place to place. They are fitted to accept the standard SI Container and it’s smaller variants. While they do generally get where they are going, rarely one of these guys do get lost, stolen or otherwise mysteriously vanish. Since a search and rescue for a simple minded robot is far more costly than replacing them, they aren’t generally equipped with open locators and/or radio equipment. This also makes it harder for pirates to find them. Even so, they are still equipped with minor defenses.  

Buy Diazepam India The engineering division is currently working to enhance the A.I. incorporated into the RD-3x line. The projected RD-33 is expected to have better navigation ability and more finely tuned thruster control. They are expecting to have it be able to auto-dock with this next generation. There’s also been rumors that they will be designed a bit more aestetically pleasing, but this would incur even more capital in a ship that’s designed purely for function and not to be seen.