2 comments on “The Cat Fight: Round One (Carrie vs Elorrah)

  1. Carrie means ‘Exarch’, not ‘Autarch’ above. Apparently her handicap was pretty effective.

    It was a great game, but the dice were definitely against me. My very first pulse laser shot missed both times and at one point 8 out of 21 dice came up 1’s in one throw.

    I hate that it ended so soon, After my poor decision to set my Pathfinders up in grabbin’ distance of the Nobs, I had decided that my victory goal would be to get Carrie so drunk she couldn’t play. Sadly she saw through that plan and blew everything up before it could do that.

    Well fought though, and though I think the Banshees would have gone far, they can’t hold objectives. I don’t think I would have ever dug those Nobz off their objective either. Well fought Doll!

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