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  1. watch I certainly have some agreement with this. I am something of an amateur psychologist myself. 🙂 I also tend to avoid conflict with others myself, and I prefer to be the person in the long range/support role, or long range armies. I would much rather take my enemies out from a distance than get stuck in.. It feels safer that way. 🙂


    follow There is another thing though that I think influences army selection as much as psychology… An army’s style and theme. I love the Sisters because of their strong female theme and Gothic imagery as much as their ‘kill it with fire!’ shootiness. And the elegant, deadly beauty of the Eldar (in both Milk and Dark flavors) makes me love them so. On the other hands, by all rights I should love the Tau so much. they have all the shooty I could want in an army list, they have beautiful tech/anime inspired armor and battlesuits… but 40k to me is about the Gothic imagery, the savagery or the Orks and Chaos forces… Tau just seem jarringly out of place and that has kept me from putting together a force of them…. Still, I may bite the bullet (bolt shell?) this time and put together a Tau force. Perhaps Hello Kitty theme for ultimate slapping in the face of the 40k aesthetic? 🙂

  2. https://emduk.org/yasse00vf I agree with you, totally, Beth!

    https://pkuatm.org/2024/05/13/7s737hcy I tend to rush headlong into things without planning ahead for what’s going to happen. I just throw myself at everything and hope it works out for the best. Avoiding conflicts is super hard for me because I’m usually in way too deep by the time I realize there’s trouble 😛

    https://domainebregeon.com/ugb97jnxck3 My army? Khorne. Blood fueled passions and headlong, heedless rush into close combat, overwatched be damned. Whoo!

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