Skathach Wraithknight

Red finally finished her current large model project – a Skathach Wraithknight.

Painting this guy as my custom Coterie of the Last Breath Corsairs, I kept him largely in the purple-green-cream triad that my test models brought me to, although I added in some grey to keep him from getting to monotone.

I wanted to do something a little different with his gemstones since he is going to be part of the Corsairs more than the Craftworlds, so instead of the usual confetti style, I went with one color per background. Stones that were primary attention points or on grey backgrounds are green; stones on cream are yellow; and stones on purple are white. I was trying to go for milky white opal-type gems with the white ones, but the difficulty in blending them that way left me doing my usual. And on top of that, I really struggled to blend the greys, leaving them disappointingly blocky.

Lastly, to keep him consistent with the other Corsairs, I kept working on the marsh basing, and I think I finally have it down. For transportation purposes, I left the base pretty basic, and although I find it looks pretty good without any further additions, I may do some shaping work with resin and PVA glue to make the deep green water spaces look a little more realistic.

Now, on to the next big project! Since our FLGS is gearing up to running another apocalypse game, I am considering taking on a rather huge project that my husband lovingly got me for my last birthday.

The Craftworld sings to me, and I respond in kind.

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