Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Red picked up the brand new book released by Wizards of the Coast and wanted to share her initial thoughts.

Cracking open this brand new Dungeons and Dragons book, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, I am really happy about it. It has a ton of useful information that I was using almost immediately in my campaign, and the references are wonderful to have. Plus, it expands upon the various paths for each of the player character classes, and I am itching to use some of them for some really interesting and wierd bad guys.

The book includes:

  • Two or Three new paths for every one of the PHB adventurer classes
  • Expanded Spellcasting information and a ton of new spells
  • Expanded Downtime activity information
  • Random Encounter tables!
  • Random Name tables!
  • Expanded Magical Item information, including some hilarious “common” magical items that do really silly things
  • Expanded information for your character’s backstory, including originals, personal decisions, and life events
  • Racial Feats
  • Expanded Tool Proficiency information
  • Expanded Trap information, including a number of sample traps
  • Rule Variants

Honestly, I started using Xanathar’s the moment we bought it, and all of my players were fauning over which of the new class options they wanted to use in the future. It opens up a lot of information for both DM’s and players alike, and it is a very useful reference guide to have.

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