I am a lucky lady

Normally I would be posting my fun with Tyranids, but I would rather talk about the “Storm of Silence” tournament I went to over the weekend that just passed.  I specifically wanna speak on how really lucky I am, and how progressive and accepting the gamer community can be.

I am trans, as we all know, and its not exactly a well kept secret, as others can also tell I am trans as well.  Despite all of this, the gamer community in my area really cannot be buggered about it.  This is especially wonderful in the area I am in as all the gamers accept me as just another girl, and another gamer.

Now I have heard me some horror stories, and of course sometimes us girls in gaming don’t get taken seriously.  These are inherent issues that our society is working through as a whole, but thankfully I have been lucky not to deal with them.  I mean I have heard stories of women asked to leave, or getting flack from the old gamers, but for the most part the gamer community is rather progressive.  It seems most of the time, when we aren’t arguing over rules and fluff, all we care about is having fun.  The gamer community for the most part seems to be a live and let life kind of group (well tabletop gamers at least).

I wonder if this is just the people in my area that are so accepting and kind, and in general fun to be around, or if this is a trend the gamer community is moving towards.  It seems sometimes despite gamers being considered social Luddites, we are really far ahead of the curve on so many things.  At least on a social level the gamer community is way ahead of the social curve such as accepting LGBT folk, women in general, and I see this as a good thing.

Especially as gaming becomes more and more popular in this day and age, it is nice to see this standard set.


What do you all think?  What have your experiences been with acceptance in the gamer community?

This is ERW signing off

One thought on “I am a lucky lady

  1. I am also fortunate for the same reasons as you, Rachel. I am also a trans woman and a life long gamer, and I have found much acceptance among other gamers. It has been my experience that most of the ‘girls don’t play games’ mindset is more towards console/computer online gaming which some days really feels like a 10 year old’s ‘No Gurlz Allowed’ club. And even there attitudes are changing. Even growing up I think that table top, card and roleplaying gamers are more open and accepting. Most of the ‘girls don’t play games’ pressure I remember from 20 years ago was from outside the gaming community, not inside of it.

    Maybe it’s because gamers know what it’s like to be mocked and looked down on. Maybe it’s because gaming appeals to more intellectually inclined or open minded people. Maybe it’s a whole host of things and variables and different for everyone. Maybe being on the outskirts or seen as ‘strange’ in one way makes it easier to accept in yourself and others what people see as ‘strange’. Whatever the reason, I am just glad it is there.

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